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Social Marketing Appropriacy

​Sometimes social marketing platforms change. These changes need to be noticed and acted upon. In this particular case, the Facebook marketing platform and Advertisement system became no longer appropriate for the clients market. We needed a solution to still allow traffic in the relevant areas. This is where we decided to trial Google Ads for a mo...
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Stop using Internet Explorer immediately; also, why are you still using Internet Explorer?

Report Jack MorseWe shouldn't still be having this conversation, but here we are. On Monday, Microsoft warned users of its once beloved Internet Explorer that a critical vulnerability in the browser allows malicious actors to hijack the computers of those running the outdated program. In other words, if you still use Internet Explorer, you should r...
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Google+ for consumers will shut down on 2nd April 2019

It's no secret that Google planned to pull life support from the consumer version of Google+, its failure of a social network, in April. Until now, though, we didn't know the exact date. That date, Google announced today, is 2nd April 2019.On that date, Google will start deleting all content, including Google+ pages, photos and videos, and everythi...
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Our brand design in reality

We are currently developing the new web platform for "Trophies 4 Everything" and with that came a new brand design. We wanted to share with you the impact the logo we have designed for our client had on their product.The client emailed us to say how much they loved the logo! It makes our job so rewarding when we really deliver what our clients drea...
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Introducing Videography & Photography in 2019

We are always improving what we offer at WA Designs and for 2019 we welcomed Ben to the team. Ben is experienced within Videography & Photography as well as Social Media & Online Marketing - there is no end to this chaps talents.Ben will come into your business and capture those moments that will put you head above your competition.If you w...
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Latest Web Design Trends for 2019

With the year just beginning, it's a great time to look forward into how web design will evolve in 2019. We look at some of the common trends in web design for the New Year.Dramatic TypographyTypography is constantly evolving. In 2019 there is going to be further experimentation with using larger fonts to dominate web pages. Therefore, brands will ...
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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Create Your Own Website

There are hundreds of website builders out there that claim building your own website is cheap, easy and instant. This quick-fix solution can be tempting; however, the reality of self-build websites is from ideal. As these build-your-own websites have limitations that cannot be afforded by a modern-day business.CostThe initial cost of a self-build ...
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WA Designs forge a business partnership with Evie Toombes Foundation Ltd

ETF Ltd"To purchase and maintain a mobile medical facility/horsebox to enable Evie to cope with her complex medical needs on a daily basis. This will also incorporate Evie's E.N.D. campaign - visiting schools and societies to promote "Education.Not.Discrimination" on hidden disabilities. (especially relevant for individuals that use disabled facili...
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One page websites, For or Against?

One page websites, also know as parallax scrolling websites, have become extremely popular in recent times. This new approach does bring its own set of circumstances and challenges, here are the arguments for and against them.ForA point more and more relevant is one page website are ideal for mobile devices, as visitors from these devices simply ha...
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Strong Passwords are a must, why?

Advice from criminals can use your email to access many of your personal accounts, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft.Use a strong, separate password for your emailCyber criminals can use your email to access many of your personal accounts and find out vital personal information, such as your bank details, address o...
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Intel chips hit by major bug that could cause millions of computers to slow down when fixed

Report by https://www.digitaltrends.comA so-called bug initially ascribed solely to Intel CPUs is actually a pair of exploits that, taken together, impact many of the CPUs being used in PCs, mobile devices, and data centers. The bugs now have names — Meltdown, which affects Intel processors, and Spectre, which is more widespread and affects CPUs fr...
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A cheery office equals a cheery team!

The team at our Colsterworth office have been busy this morning getting the courtyard ready to welcome clients over the autumn and winter months, even the office pooches tried to help!A happy bright working environment makes for a happy team :) ​DEBI HEATH FRENCH, MANAGING DIRECTOR

WA Designs wins bid for 2 x GB Olympian

It's not every day that a company has the honour of serving one of it's home nations greats, but when it happens it is a fantastic feeling!We can't reveal much at this stage, actually we don't want to until launch date but work on this individuals website is underway and we are really excited to be doing this.So how did this Olympian hear about WA ...
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Arena UK host Armed Forces Day

With 63 days till launch of the first Armed Forces Day at Arena UK, the banners we designed have finally arrived and been put up for all to see and they look fantastic.  DEBI HEATH FRENCH, MANAGING DIRECTOR