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Debi Heath French
Debi Heath FrenchManaging Director
Debi Heath French
Debi Heath FrenchManaging Director
21 JANUARY 2019

Latest Web Design Trends for 2019

With the year just beginning, it's a great time to look forward into how web design will evolve in 2019. We look at some of the common trends in web design for the New Year.

Dramatic TypographyTypography is constantly evolving. In 2019 there is going to be further experimentation with using larger fonts to dominate web pages. Therefore, brands will be able to be more expressive and bolder with fonts they use. Next year in 2019, brands will increasingly create their own bespoke fonts. Air BnB, Uber and IMB already to this very well.

Breaking the Grid
We will see web design that breaks the grid layout more and more as the year goes on. The days of websites with a rigid grid system are gone. Website no longer have everything in line with nice even margins. Furthermore, there is a popular trend to systematically break the grid with little or no rules. This continued evolution of web design will allow for some unique websites. These advancements in web design should allow for a greater user experience. This will also make your website work harder for you.

Another interesting trend is the growing number of illustration-based websites. These sites use little or no images. Instead, bespoke illustrated figures are used to give the website character and makes the business seem more approachable. Alongside vibrant colours this new trend offers a way for corporate companies to break barriers to connect with their customers.

Vibrant Blocks of Colour
In 2019, websites will adopt even more magnificently vibrant blocks of colour, almost garish.

Card Based Web Design
Card base websites are a simplified layout for magazine sites, news sites and portfolios. However, no matter how much some websites push the boundaries of existing design principles, these card-based design site will always fit a purpose. Therefore, we can still expect to see these websites prominent on our browser.

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