One page websites, For or Against?

One page websites, also know as parallax scrolling websites, have become extremely popular in recent times. This new approach does bring its own set of circumstances and challenges, here are the arguments for and against them.


A point more and more relevant is one page website are ideal for mobile devices, as visitors from these devices simply have to scroll through the site to see what they need. This scrolling manner of consuming content comes from the huge audiences on social media platforms such as Twitter. Having all your website content in one place rather than having browsers flick from page to page allows for a more uniformed appearance and so arguably stronger branding. Due to the fact visitors will obviously have to scroll from the top of the page to the bottom you will be able deliver the same clear message to each visitor. This is extremely important in presenting a clear call to action. Visitors can be persuaded by relevant testimonials, examples of previous work and the value in your service to take the call to action.


One page websites can be harder to search engine optimise properly. Although, a specialist will be able to find a way around this potential problem. With the entire content of a website on one page, load times can be longer due to the sheer volume of data. However, this problem can be navigated with 'lazy loading'. This means visitors do not have to wait until the entire page is loaded, instead the page loads as they scroll. Google Analytics can be used to find which page of a website browsers are more interested in, this is key in making a website successful by knowing what content visitors are drawn to. With a one page website, Google Analytics will not be able to identify what content is generating results and what content needs to be improved. There is a solution though, heat map tools such as Hotjar or Clicky can show what parts of the website are gaining interest.


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