Horsehill Farm Livery Yard



Our client wanted a simple, bright, clean website that they could manage themselves and with only a few clicks. We have designed for this client before and so we knew their exact vision. The whole site needed to be on one page with hyperlinks to sections from the menu, this is what we delivered!


Branding, Design, Development, SEO, CMS, Mobile Responsive

CREATED : November 2017 

I wanted a new bright, clean and easy to use site that consisted of one page that I could maintain with ease. WA Designs had already built my personal site which I am having redesigned again as my brand is changing.

This company can't do enough, they are so helpful and understanding and really take all my needs into account.

As a non techy web owner, the ability to be able to update and add to my website with just a couple of clicks is super important and once again they have delivered.

If you are looking for a genuine company that works to your budget and delivers 100%, then look no further. Thank you WA Desigsn AAAAA+

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