Kiss The Teacher

Kiss The Teacher

In this project, our graphic designer, Ben S, branded Kiss The Teacher with a new logo to kickstart the process. In this logo, he took inspiration from the ABBA official logo, using the reversed letters, and the more simple approach to a design. This makes it easier to use, and looks much better than a more complicated and 'busy' logo. Using the colour gold was effective against the black background, and looked more exciting for the brand.

After this, Ben S designed the website, taking more inspiration from ABBA, and the bold 70s/80s colours and style. He went for a more vibrant and exciting vibe, making it more aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for an ABBA tribute band.

Ben M assisted with the project, backing Ben S on the technical / development front. He followed the design prompts from the new branding and web design to configure menus and mobile / tablet views. He also configured the most suitable Plug-ins to suit the clients overall needs.


Kiss The Teacher


15 January 2020


Web Design, Web Development, Branding