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Equissage Europe

Helen and team Equissage Europe based in Thetford, Norfolk, have been with us since 2009. We have redesigned their website for the 2nd time this year and having to embrace COVID-19, we came up with so many virual training ideas to keep Helen going. The web design had a gold and black feel and needed to be fresh and clear. With online training, booking systems, payment gateways and Facebook reviews to ensure new business could have faith, Helen has gone from stregnth to stregnth and really loved our services, our web development team really gave it their all. We love being their for our clients and this year has been challenging but there is always a way to try and keep clients trading even with lockdown.

WA Designs went far beyond the remit that I provided for them. Debi Heath French is utterly professional and thorough, taking time to really understand what the client wishes. She is also patient and has an excellent sense of humour when instructing new clients into the intricate world of their web site. I would recommend them to anyone!

3rd December 2020 - Website rebuild

Debi and WA Designs have looked after my website for many years. They are so easy to talk to and helpful, always there for help with any problem, however big or small and normally due to my incompetence!! I would recommend them to anyone and wish them all the best.
Equissage Europe by WA Designs
Equissage Europe by WA Designs
Equissage Europe by WA Designs
Equissage Europe logo by WA Designs



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